OpenLogger is a user-friendly and cost-effective software that ensures data integrity with traceability, permission levels, and high encryption. The development has taken place in collaboration with laboratory personnel at Swedish university hospitals and clinics.

All data is automatically saved and can easily be used for auditing and quality assurance. The data is securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed via optional devices such as computers, screens, and smartphones, without the need for any client installation.

Objects, such as coolers and incubators etc., are organized according to user regardless of their geographical location. This provides high visibility and enables employees to act on deviations.

OpenLogger is also cost-effective as it replaces all manual work and allows everyone in the organization to use the same license. Together with its proven long product lifespan, it minimizes the total cost.

Sleek and flexible

Dalzen+ is a smooth and flexible transmitter that solves a variety of tasks. It is specially designed to meet the high demands for transparency and security required by OpenLogger. The transmitter uses the modern radio standard LoRa, characterized by low energy consumption, long range, and low bit error rate (BER) in data transmission. Additionally, Dalzen+ supports Bluetooth (BLE) and 5G. 5G enables cost-effective implementation of small systems in locations outside the main area, such as primary care centers. The transmitter is equipped with a buffering function and a battery backup that lasts for approximately five days.

This makes the system flexible, cost-effective, and significantly minimizes the risk of data loss. If there are many nearby objects, a single Dalzen+ can be used to manage multiple objects simultaneously. The installation is simple and works immediately upon use, and it’s easy to customize or expand the system as new needs arise. To facilitate installation, we offer specific training and a user-friendly app. Any updates to Dalzen+ are conducted over the air (OTA), eliminating the need for technicians to manually perform updates on-site. Additionally, you always have access to support through our support system.

User-friendly and intuitive

OpenLogger’s software has been developed in collaboration with users in laboratories and hospitals, all to make it as easy to use and understand as possible. This, in turn, ensures its utilization compared to complicated systems that take a long time to understand or are eaven impossible to learn

Works with all types of sensors and brands

OpenLogger is compatible with many different types of sensors and machines from various manufacturers. You have full control over which measurements you want to monitor and log. Examples of connectivity options include temperature (even in low-temperature environments and nitrogen tanks), humidity, CO2 levels, conductivity, pressure, room sensors, transportation, power consumption, particles (VOC), and more. All sensors are delivered calibrated and ready to use. Thanks to OpenLogger’s open interfaces, you can keep pace with the rapid development in IoT at a reasonable cost. This contrasts with systems that only support proprietary sensors or special solutions, which can lead to lock-in effects.

Traceability, calibration, and control

Automation and adaptability facilitate quality work and help you maintain and improve product quality. When it’s time for inspection or calibration, you’ll receive a reminder in the system. You also have the ability to generate reports for accreditation checks and verification of controls. All events are logged with full traceability

Minimize the risk of downtime or data loss



OpenLogger är ett autonomt system  isolerat från all annan kommunikation vilket gör det mycket säkert. 

To mitigate data loss and minimize downtime, we utilize transmitters designed to operate on both mains power and battery, guaranteeing uninterrupted functionality even during power outages. These transmitters are equipped with memory capabilities to store data, thus ensuring seamless measurement curves without any gaps. Our backup routines are automated, and our servers are housed in two redundant, cutting-edge data centers located in Sweden. Furthermore, our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you.


Research and development

Together with our customers and academia, we have an active development of our services. Ongoing projects include finding new ways to utilize our measurement data as a strategic resource through artificial intelligence and machine learning. As we control the entire chain, from software to hardware, we can also make adaptations based on your specific needs.

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