OpenLogger Systems

OpenLogger is a proven and secure system utilized in numerous hospitals and laboratories. We prioritize control over both software and hardware development, which is why we have personnel and manufacturing operations based in Sweden.

We maintain ongoing efforts in quality and environmental management, fostering collaborative relationships with our suppliers through our supplier portal to ensure alignment toward shared objectives. This approach allows us to meet customer demands promptly and remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

In partnership with our customers and academic collaborators, we actively enhance our services. With full control over the entire development process, from software to hardware, and the ability to integrate virtually any sensor or machine, we can tailor solutions to your precise needs. Furthermore, we’re exploring innovative ways to harness our measurement data through AI/ML, recognizing its increasing importance as environments transition online.

With thousands of sensors and machines deployed across critical settings, from IVF clinics to research facilities, blood transports to pharmaceutical manufacturing, we aspire to be your trusted supplier.

Please feel free to reach out for further information.

Tomas Hoflund, CEO


OpenLogger Systems AB

Skeppsbron 11
211 20 Malmö

Phone +46 40 12 20 15


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