Measures Anything

Sweden’s most widely used monitoring systems for hospitals and laboratories is OpenLogger, the paperless system that replaces all manual reading and brings your entire laboratory environment online.

With OpenLogger on the web you will quickly create a comprehensive measurement and alarm structure that will increases safety, reduce workload that saves time and money. OpenLogger is scalable and flexible to meet all your needs and it really works.

A large number of different typ of sensors can be connected; temperature, humidity (RH %) , LN2, particle counter, CO2 , O2, PH, conductivity, pressure and so on. The system is designed to accept almost any kind of sensor. You decide what you want to measure


Refrigerator and freezer (temperature, RH%, door alert/counter).


Low temperature freezer (temperature, door alert/counter)


Incubator (temperature, CO2, RH%,O2, door alert/counter).


Benchtop incubator (temperature).


Liquid nitrogen (temperature, level).


Liquid nitrogen tanks with battery powered temperature measuring. Easy to move around.

We also connect particle sensors, operation theater sensor-panels and wireless control engineering.